Q&A About Material: Why Concrete?

1.    A brief description of your artistic "background" (example: early exposure to art, education, experience that drove you to experiment)

My early experience as a child with art were not based around art galleries, museums or art history but rather materiality and curiosity. During my early years, our family funds were tight but my mother always found a way to enroll me in art centers and keep me busy with workshops. Exposed to fibers, print making, painting, drawing, sculpture and ceramics, this exposer allowed me not be timid when exploring new ideas as an adult. I was much a rebel as a kid and if given a set of crayons by the end of my drawing, the crayons would have had their wrappers removed all sides sanded down by the paper, I was a very bold and explosive kid when it came to create. It’s interesting to see that even to this day as I’m more methodical with application I defiantly question my materials, and always engage that curiosity of, “what would happen if I use it this way not that way.”

2. Your preferred method(s) of creation and medium(s)

I work with cement both as a casting material and directly, while using various pigments to create the color or hue that I am going for. I am able to sculpt with the material for only minutes before it hardens into its final form. It’s not forgiving, it sets fast, and that’s why I love it. Guiding it compositionally, but with gravity it goes where it wants to go.

 Cement which is normally used in large quantities in industrial settings has a reputation as heavy, masculine and cold. I appreciate finding the more sensual feminine application of the material. The delicate appearance of its texture and coloration convey a soft porcelain like appearance. I find that it connects with the aura that I get from the work, that the sculptures take on a bold and unpredictable form but conveys a familiar association to something sweet. By hand mixing various pigments into the mixture I can be very intuitive like that of painting. So, this material really bridges the gap for me between sculpture and painting.  

3. A description of what the crowds should be expecting/look for/getting excited to see your work in person.

Playing with the theme “over the top” the kid in all of us that wants to mound their ice cream to the sky. You’ll be looking up at these what appear to be melting Ice cream/ cupcake sculptures. Mixing something sweet and extravagant.